Siebel Institute Professional Beer Tasting and Styles Course

January 31st through February 1st, 2013
Chicago Campus - Chicago
Beer Styles & Study Tours
Course Materials:
Electronic copies of the lectures (PDF) are included in the tuition.
Printed copies are available for an additional USD 50.00 and have to be ordered at the time of application.

Solid information has never been a more critical tool in selling beer. Specialty beers offer great profit opportunities, but consumers of beer are becoming highly sophisticated in their knowledge of beer. It is important that distributors and retailers keep up with them in order to offer products and programs that satisfy their thirst for exciting new beer experiences.

The Siebel Professional Beer Tasting & Styles Course, designed and conducted by Randy Mosher, is a two-day hands-on workshop that gives participants a solid foundation of beer knowledge, with a special emphasis on beer styles and tasting. By the end of the course, attendees will have a working knowledge of the origin and nature of beer, tasting methods and a wide range of classic and modern beer styles as well as how to present the beer experience so as to make it fully enjoyable to their customers. Numerous detailed leave-behinds summarize and expand key points and provide a handy reference on selected topics.

There are many misconceptions about beer, and more than a few of the terms used to describe it can be confusing. This course addresses these, and builds knowledge from the ground up, giving participants the building blocks to understand beer in all its many glorious forms.

This course can be customized to provide additional detail and discussion of a distributor’s, importer’s or retailer’s beers, and those beers can be included in the appropriate style tasting as well as the beer-and-food pairings.

  • Introduction
  • Sensory
  • Beer by the Numbers
  • Common Defects of Beer (including tasting of beers spiked with off-flavors)
  • The Process of Brewing (and why you should care)
  • What Is a style?
  • Ales of the United Kingdom
  • Lager
  • European Ales
  • Belgium & France
  • New American Classics
  • Serving & Storing Beer
  • Beer & Food
Randy Mosher
Randy Mosher
Randy Mosher is the author of "The Brewers Companion", has contributed articles regarding brewing and beer styles to some of the world’s leading brewing publications, and is currently the Homebrew Editor and a contributing writer for All About Beer magazine. He has lectured on brewing & beer styles across the country (including at the Smithsonian Institution) and has been involved in an ongoing effort to revive extinct historical beers.

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