Siebel Institute Brewing Microbiology

May 6th through May 17th, 2013
Siebel Institute Microbiological Services Division (Canada) - Montreal (Canada)
Practical Training
Course Materials:
Electronic copies of the lectures (PDF) are included in the tuition.
Printed copies are available for an additional USD 50.00 and have to be ordered at the time of application.

The Siebel Institute Brewing Microbiology course is designed to provide the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to implement an effective microbiological quality control / quality assurance program.
The course will acquaint the student with the appropriate methods for biological and sanitary control within the brewery, and will promote an understanding of the essential modern-day tools for effective microbiological evaluation of process and product.

A detailed study of the microorganisms that are likely to occur during the various stages of the brewing process will be conducted. The laboratory exercises provide opportunities to acquire skills in microbiology and microscopy. Practical work will reinforce the techniques required to isolate and identify microorganisms as well as demonstrate some of the latest developments in brewing microbiology.

The Siebel Institute of Technology Brewing Microbiology Course is conducted at our Siebel Institute Microbiological Services division in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Our Microbiological Services division is located at the National Research Council Biotechnology Research Institute, one of the world's leading yeast & genetic research facilities. Students will be surrounded by research professionals using state-of-the-art equipment, creating an environment that is unique to brewing education. When not on campus, students will be able to enjoy the beauty and history of Montreal, one of the world's most scenic and vibrant cities.

  • Introduction to Microbiology
  • The Nature of Yeast
  • Pure Yeast Cultures: Maintenance and Selection
  • Yeast Viability: Cell Concentration, Pitching, Measurement
  • Yeast Handling Practices
  • Microbiology of Grains & Water
  • Wild Yeast and Yeast Mutants
  • Wort Spoilage Bacteria Save
  • Beer Spoilage Bacteria
  • Identification of Contaminants
  • Bacterial and Wild Yeast Detection
  • Yeast Growth and Fermentation
  • Beer Hazes and Sediments
  • Microbiology Program for Breweries
  • Sterile Membrane Filtration
  • General Brewery Cleaning and CIP
  • Flavor Production
  • Rapid Microbiological Methods
  • Sampling Techniques and Environmental Hygiene
  • Pasteurization

This program is also offered on the following dates:

Date Course Venue  
May, 4th - May, 15th 2015 Siebel Institute Brewing Microbiology Siebel Institute Microbiological Services Division (Canada) » Details


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