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The courses of the Siebel Institute of Technology and World Brewing Academy (a Siebel Institute and Doemens Academy partnership) cover the full spectrum of brewing science and technology. With over 20 courses and programs, we offer more brewing-specific training than any other school in the world. We feature world-class courses at our educational facilities in Chicago, Montreal, and Munich, and we offer the industry's best web-based training programs.

This module is part of the advanced-level programs.
As such, seats in this program are first given to those completing the program on a continuous basis, with any remaining seats going to those taking the course as an individual offering. Your registration with course deposit for this course will make you eligible for a seat should one become available, and your deposit will be refunded should a seat not become available. You may cancel your registration at any time before the start of the course for a full deposit refund should a seat not be available
Entry-level courses
Students require no prior brewing or distilling knowledge.
Intermediate-level courses
Students require some level of brewing industry knowledge. Food Science, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering courses a plus but not required.
Advanced-level courses
Students require specific brewing industry experience and advanced knowledge. Degrees in related science fields not required but will enhance the learning experience. Please submit resume of qualifications and experience for Siebel review. A formal phone interview may follow with a school's representative and an eligibility determination will be made at that time.
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Intermediate level » Details
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Advanced level » Details
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Date Course Level  
Sep, 15th - Dec, 13th 2014 WBA Web-based Packaging and Process Technology » Details
Sep, 28th - Oct, 18th 2014 WBA Web-based Executive Overview of the Brewing Process » Details
Nov, 2nd - Nov, 22nd 2014 WBA Web-based Executive Overview of the Brewing Process » Details


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