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NEW! Brewery Planning Evaluation Service from Siebel Institute Consultancy Services

Our Siebel Institute Consultancy Services Division receives a lot of inquiries from entrepreneurs who are seeking a professional opinion regarding the viability of their brewpub or microbrewery project as well as an assessment of their preparedness for planning, opening and operating their new business. With that in mind, our consulting team has created an affordable package of services that will give future brewery owners a greater understanding of the steps they need to take towards building a successful business.

The Siebel Institute Brewery Planning Evaluation Service brings the expertise of some of the industry’s most qualified brewer-consultants to your project. Through a simple yet comprehensive interview process, we will provide a professional assessment of your planning process and the competency assets of your project. The process provides a means by which the client organization can compare its present level of planning and competency assets (education / experience / key expertise / professional counsel) to those considered typical of a successful start-up, in each of the areas noted in the assessment. Along the way, your Siebel Institute consultant will point out existing areas of obvious strengths or deficiencies in the client's planning and core competencies, and will assist the client in prioritizing his/her most urgent needs.

Unique to this service is the Assessment Checklist - A form on which the significant characteristics of successful brewery planning and competency assets are outlined. Each of these characteristics has been rated by the consulting staff - one through five, with five being best - at each of three planning stages for a typical successful start-up. These stages are identified as "Initial/Conceptual", "Intermediate", and "Complete". The form provides an easily-understood standard by which the client's present state of readiness can be judged.

During the initial interview process, the client will first place their present planning progress into one of the three planning stages. They will then be walked through the assessment checklist by the consultant (live, by phone, or through a live text format) and each characteristic will be discussed individually. The consultant will rate each of the client's responses, one through five, without regard to the stated planning stage of the client. The client's completed ratings will then appear on the Assessment Checklist next to those ratings provided for the "typical successful start-up" at a similar stage of planning. Within the form, the consultant would summarize his assessment of the overall quality and thoroughness of the business plan, and would add any relevant comments and suggestions.

The completed assessment will provide a comparison of the client's planning and core competency levels for each significant characteristic with that of a "typical successful start-up" at a similar stage of planning. It will also provide the consultant's guidance regarding those areas most in need of attention.

Let the experienced consulting services team of Siebel Institute help you build the brewpub or microbrewery of your dreams with our Brewery Planning Evaluation Service. You can get complete details on our service by contacting Gary Grande, Senior Consultant, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

A New Paradigm for Consultancy: Informed Analysis 

Over the years, our approach to consultancy has evolved as the industry itself has changed. Successful brewers worldwide have come to recognize the importance of “Informed Analysis”, the Siebel Institute has created a different approach to consultancy that achieves exactly such a result. Rather than offering one or two consultants, the Siebel Institute draws from a worldwide team of experienced professionals with applied knowledge of every critical phase of this industry. Siebel Institute consultants blend decades of experience with up-to-the-minute knowledge of emerging trends and technologies, creating one of the best consultancy teams in the world.


The Team Approach: Experts Creating Solutions Together

From the time you contact Siebel Institute Consulting Services, you will see that we offer a unique level of service. In the initial phase of evaluation, you will work with a Siebel Institute Service Analyst to develop a “Needs Assessment Profile”, defining your current operating standards, perceived realities, and desired outcomes. Our analyst then draws from our team of consulting experts, choosing a consultant (or multiple consultants) that best meets the demands of your project. Our consultant(s) will work with your company to thoroughly evaluate your operations, and provide solutions based on the collective experience of the entire Siebel Institute consultancy team. We can assist your company in improving every phase of brewing operations, including:

  • Planning & start-up
  • Equipment acquisition and installation
  • Plant design
  • Fermentation & QC/QA issues
  • Process evaluation
  • Staff training
  • Brewery management issues

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