On-site Training: Master Of Beer Styles

The Siebel Institute Master of Beer Styles course is designed to give professional brewers the skills they need to create awardwinning ales, lagers and specialty beers. Using the styles guidelines created for the Association of Brewers’ World Beer Cup, this course provides in-depth analysis of the techniques and technologies used to design and brew the full range of established and emerging styles.

Instruction & content for the Master of Beer Styles course is provided by two recognized Style Masters: Ray Daniels and Randy Mosher.

During the course, each style category and sub-category is presented in detail, with emphasis on the methodology used to brew beer that matches the style parameters while retaining the brewer’s own artistic interpretation “beyond the benchmarks.” Students will do extensive taste analysis of commercially produced beers that are the standard bearers for their respective styles.


Ray Daniels
Ray Daniels
Ray Daniels is a veteran brewer and craft beer marketer with expertise in beer evaluation, classic styles and recipe formulation, public relations and event management as well as overall business management. He is the author of Designing Great Beers, co-author of Brown Ales and Smoked Beers and editor of the Brewers Association’s Guide to Starting Your Own Brewery. He is a top graduate of Siebel Institute Diploma program and holds an MBA from Harvard.
Randy Mosher
Randy Mosher
Randy Mosher is the author of "The Brewers Companion", has contributed articles regarding brewing and beer styles to some of the world’s leading brewing publications, and is currently the Homebrew Editor and a contributing writer for All About Beer magazine. He has lectured on brewing & beer styles across the country (including at the Smithsonian Institution) and has been involved in an ongoing effort to revive extinct historical beers.

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