Siebel Institute of Technology Montreal Campus

For the first time in our history, the Siebel Institute of Technology now operates a permanent educational facility outside of our Chicago home. The Siebel Institute of Technology Montreal facility offers state-of-the-art facilities set within our laboratory at the Biotechnology Research Institute, a center for yeast genetics and fermentation research. Students in our Siebel Institute TwinTrack Brewing Microbiology Course learn advanced laboratory techniques from some of the world’s best brewing industry educators in a unique educational environment.

When not at study, our guests will enjoy the beauty and excitement of Montreal, Canada’s cultural capital. A mix of old-world charm and metropolitan vibrancy, Montreal is a stunning city that brings a touch of European-style flair to North America. Montreal features an endless selection of restaurants and bars, as well as dozens museums, galleries, and scores of historic buildings dating back multiple generations.

From our classrooms at BRI to the fun & beauty of the heart of the city, your Siebel Institute Montreal experience will be one of the most memorable of your brewing career.


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