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W45: Advanced Applied Brewing Techniques

Individual Modules

Competing in commercial brewing requires a diverse skill set derived from study of brewing theory as well as hands-on practical skills. To address the need for extensive practical training, the Advanced Applied Brewing Techniques module was created.

The Advanced Applied Brewing Techniques module is designed to give students advanced-level practical skills in every key area of commercial brewing operations. Designed and instructed by the faculty of Doemens Academy and Siebel Institute, this module takes students through over 300 hours of hands-on activities in the production and lab facilities of Doemens Academy in Munich. Students produce batches of beer and shepherd them through the entire brewing process while conducting numerous tests to assure the quality and consistency of their beers, all while under the watchful supervision of Doemens instructional team.

Module 7 cannot be taken unless the applicant has completed and passed the International Diploma in Brewing Technology which consists of all the following Modules 1–6.

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Key Facts

8 weeks
Clock Hours
Munich Campus

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W11: Advanced Brewing Theory Program
W10: International Diploma In Brewing Technology Program
W40: Master Brewer Program

Admission requirements

All students applying for a program, module or course must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age.

This advanced program or module requires students to have a specific knowledge of brewing theory and/or related sciences in order to be successful in the assessment process by having either successfully completed one of the following, with exception of Modules 5 and 7 (see exceptions info below).

(a) Successfully passing the Concise Course in Brewing Technology (campus or online), or
(b) Successfully passing the online assessment

Exceptions: To qualify for Module 5, one must have successfully completed all Modules 1-3. To qualify for Module 7, one must have successfully completed all Modules 1-6