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WT2: Advanced Brewing Theory Program (Online)

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The Advanced Brewing Theory Program (ABT) gives students a complete understanding of the technical issues in professional brewing, whether craft or industrial. With content designed around the syllabus of the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD), UK, our course materials address critical topics in brewing technology, giving students the knowledge they need to improve their products, processes and profits.

Program Description

The Advanced Brewing Theory (ABT) Program consists of three modules. Students may take any of these modules as a separate unit, electing to complete the program at a later date. Throughout the duration of this intensive program, students are supervised by the instructional staff of the World Brewing Academy, drawing on the talents of some of the most knowledgeable scientists, technologists and brewmasters in the world. Student progress is actively monitored throughout the program, and students can access instructors via email and chat sessions throughout the duration of the module.

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Key Facts

9 month
Clock Hours
210 (equivalent)

Modules to complete in this program

1 WT5: Raw Materials and Wort Production (Online) Details »
2 WT6: Beer Production and Quality Control (Online) Details »
3 WT7: Packaging and Process Technology (Online) Details »

Admission requirements

All students applying for a program, module or course must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age.
The program/module/course requires students to have a specific knowledge of brewing technologies and/or related sciences in order to be approved to enroll.
This can be satisfied by
(a) Successful completion of the Concise Course in Brewing Technology OR
(b) Successful completion of an online assessment


Upon completion of this program students will be awarded the Advanced Brewing Theory certificate.

Computer/System requirements