Andrew Fratianni

Online Faculty

Andrew Fratianni began brewing beer at home at the tender age of 14. His newfound popularity in high school led him to become a brewer. After graduating from New York University, he headed to Portland, Oregon, where he started working in the craftbrewing industry and later went on to pass the Institute of Brewing AME exams while at the University of California, Davis. He has worked for the Stroh Brewing Company and has been brewmaster for Pabst Brewing in China and DG Yuengling and Son. Other jobs include product manager at brewery equipment manufacturer A. Steinecker Maschinenfabrik, Senior Technical Sales Representative at BASF Corp. for PVPP applications in the beer, wine, and the beverage industry, and Technical Sales Rep in the beer, wine, and distilling industry for Gusmer Enterprises. Andrew is currently the Senior Product Application Specialist for DuPont, where he provides technical support to the brewing and distilling industries. He is a member of the Masterbrewers Association of the Americas, the Association of Brewing Chemists, and the Institute of Brewing and Distilling.

Andrew teaches in the following programs/courses:

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