Lucie Castonguay

Campus Faculty

Lucie Castonguay is a French Canadian citizen residing in Montreal, Qu├ębec, Canada. Lucie has a bachelor degree in microbiology, and during her studies worked in many coops at the Canadian Food Agency, Health Canada and also with Lallemand/Siebel. She officially joined Lallemand/Siebel in 2006 as a research assistant for the microbiology lab, and has been the Yeast Culture Collection Curator since 2007 and the Siebel Institute Microservices Manager since March 2017. Her role is to assure the highest quality of our diverse yeast strains and to provide our yeast plants with pure culture for production. Lucie is also involved in all microservices requests from clients, and is an instructor in practical microbiology training.

Lucie teaches in the following programs/courses:

1 S10: Brewing Microbiology Details »