The Siebel Institute of Technology continues to operate all web-based courses and programs without any delays or problems. We have temporarily closed campus educational offerings until early August at this time due to the COVID-19 situation.

To support our recent campus WBA students whose education has been impacted, we have immediately offered our well-established web-based educational option to complete this portion of their current studies.

Notice - COVID-19 pandemic

In regards for the wellbeing of our students, staff, faculty, and by the direction of state authorities concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, the Siebel Institute of Technology has temporarily closed campus operations effective March 13. No campus classroom operations will take place until further notice, and a work from home policy has been implemented for employees. To support our current campus WBA students whose education has been impacted, we have immediately offered our well-established web-based module 3 to complete this portion of their studies.

We have further updated our academic calendar, and encourage all with thirst for knowledge to explore our web based course offerings and WBA specialized lectures. Recognizing the dimension this pandemic has created in our industry, we decided to add new scholarships to support those that are cut short on resources during these testing times. Please send your scholarship application, with "scholarship application" in subject line for web-based courses to: We will review applications as a team and decide on the # number of scholarships.

I am also pleased to offer our consulting, coaching and career planning support outside of our regular framework and we will donate 24 h free hours, on a first comes first basis. We like to support those that are caught in the supply chain ripple, are in the midst of startup, temporarily lost their employment or those that need advice on how to maintain quality and freshness when your tap room has closed.

Rest assure we are there for you. Together we will support our communities and turn the challenges into opportunities. There is so much creativity and good will out here, let us add some knowledge!

Lastly, don't forget to sign up to our alumni platform, it has a great forum for dialogue, tap into support networks and job board.


Christian R von der Heide, President and CEO on behalf of the Siebel Institute team