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Dry Brewing Yeast

Lallemand Brewing is continually pursuing the development of new products and processes to better serve the industry. The core product line is dry yeast cultures (both ale and lager) for home brewers and commercial brewers (both craft and industrial). These are complemented by nutrient mixes and yeast products enriched in specific minerals to optimize fermentation performance under different fermentation conditions, including high gravity.

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Liquid Brewing Yeast

The Siebel Institute of Technology has selected our Siebel Institute BRY brewing yeast strains for their reliable performance in professional brewing applications.


Flocculent top fermenting ale yeast. Produces clean ale flavor.

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Very flocculent lager yeast. Produces a slightly fruity character.

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Top fermenting Alt beer style yeast.

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Very flocculent lager yeast. Produces well balanced beers with less sulfur compounds.

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Top fermenting “Trappist” type strain. Produces rather dry but estery flavor.

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Top fermenting “Bavarian Weizen” style yeast. Produces very estery beers.

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Flocculent bottom fermenting ale yeast. Produces an estery and slightly nutty character.

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Non-flocculent "Kolsch" style yeast. Produces mild flavors.

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