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    • Stéphanie Goineau
    • Production and New Products Launch Manager
    • Stéphanie can assist with technical inquiries regarding:
      • Laboratory Media
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    • Hoby Ramiandrisoa
    • Montréal Order Desk
    • Hoby can assist with inquiries regarding orders of:
      • Liquid Yeasts
      • Laboratory Media
      • Sensory Training Kits
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Laboratory Media

When breweries need the most accurate laboratory media for their QC/QA needs, they trust Siebel Institute lab media.

HLP Medium

Hsu’s Lactobacillus/Pediococcus Medium

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LCS Medium

Lin’s Cupric Sulfate Medium

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LMDA Medium

Lee’s Multi Differential Agar

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LWY Medium

Lin’s Wild Yeast Medium

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