S42: Beer and Food: A Hands-On Encounter

Continuing Education

At its best, beer and food can be thrillingly delicious as well as a powerful tool to draw people into the world of great beer. It's no wonder that so many breweries engage in dinners and other pairing events regularly. It builds relationships, creates exciting experiences and draws people into our world of flavor like nothing else.

But with dozens of beer styles and countless foods and flavors around the world, it can be terrifyingly intimidating. How do you find a way to make sense of it all? It turns out that there are some useful concepts and techniques that can cut through the complexity and help us understand what happens when the two come together, making it easier to navigate your pairing journey.

The course starts with fundamental language, technique and approaches, and builds from there. Then, with hands-on exercises and plenty of tasting, we'll demonstrate how the basics of pairing can be applied across a wide variety of food types and situations. Combining both theoretical and practical aspects, this course helps to get you comfortable with the process, building a solid base for your further exploration and development.

Some important areas the course covers:

Theory: Including vocabulary, our senses, the dynamics of taste, the way harmonies are created and perceived, flavor intensity and its importance in pairing, sensory maps, pairing ladders, comparisons to the world of wine and more.

Tasting: Lectures are punctuated several times during the day by focused tasting activities that demonstrate principles and real-world experiences that are created when you put beer and food together. Various food types and meal parts are covered.

Hands-on: Starting with a beer cocktail warm-up, we follow with cheese demonstrations as well as pairing evaluation techniques, a deconstructed salad, followed by a celebrity-chef-style team project to create a lunch from prepped ingredients, a cooking with beer demonstration, and of course, a dessert course that's also a learning experience.

Practical: Tips, techniques, formats and tools for successfully running beer and food events small and large are covered.

It's a lively, informative and very engaging class, sure to give you plenty of tools to work with whether you're an aspiring chef, brewery outreach manager, Cicerone candidate or bar manager—or just want to get more involved in the magic of beer and food.

Siebel Instructor Randy Mosher has been presenting and writing about beer and food pairing for over two decades. The author of "Tasting Beer", Mosher serves on the Brewers Association Beer and Food Working Group and is a partner in two Chicago-area craft breweries, giving him plenty of opportunities to hone his skills, try new ideas and sharpen his presentation.

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