W55: Doemens Beer Sommelier

Continuing Education

Since 2004, the 2-week Doemens Beer Sommelier course has been the worldwide brewing industry standard for providing instruction and certification to servers, brewers, beer salespeople and beer experts. Doemens Academy offers the Beer Sommelier in multiple languages and locations throughout the globe, and we are pleased to offer this in-depth course in English at the Chicago facilities of Siebel Institute of Technology.

The goal of the Doemens Beer Sommelier course is to impart knowledge regarding beer on a level that enables the Doemens Certified Sommelier to advise businesses and consumers on the technical production of beer, the dominant characteristics of established and emerging beer styles, and how to select the right beer to meet (or exceed) customer expectations. During the course, students are given the skills to critically evaluate each beverage they experience towards creating a profile of its attributes and committing that profile to memory. This helps build an understanding the very nature of that beverage, how it will interact with food and how it will be perceived by consumers.

Drawing on the experience of our instructional team, the brewing process is presented to the class with a focus on how each step of brewing affects the finest attributes of the finished beer. Throughout the course, students engage in daily sensory exercises to expand their ability to recognize flavors and aromas commonly found in beer, including “New World” beer styles that use unusual ingredients and brewing/aging techniques. Lessons also explore the history and evolution of beer culture and development of regionally-based styles, and discussion of the future direction of beer and brewing allows classmates to share their views and opinions of our changing beer landscape.

As one of America’s great brewing cities, our Chicago location allows us to draw from leading beer suppliers towards presenting the full portfolio of established and emerging beer styles during the Sommelier course. Students will evaluate more than 200 beer styles, allowing them to experience the characteristics that define practically every major beer style. Beer sommeliers will also learn techniques involved in maintaining quality of beer during storage, draught beer technology, cask ale service, as well as beer presentation and service. During week 2, students will learn to create beer and food pairing menus, and each student will prepare and present their own beer & food “matched pairing” to their Sommelier classmates and instructors using the restaurant-level kitchen facilities of Kendall College, one of America’s leading cooking schools.

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