S33: Sensory Panel Management

Continuing Education

The first line of quality control and product evaluation in any brewery is formed by a trained taste panel. By effectively utilizing taste panels appropriate for the required task(s), collecting and analyzing the results compiled from trained tasters, and taking the right actions based on the results, your brewery will improve quality, consistency and profitability.

The Sensory Panel Management course, conducted at White Labs in San Diego, CA., was created to help build panels that achieve these results and more. Designed and taught by brewing industry sensory panel experts, this 3.5-day course instructs you in the tools and techniques used by many of todays leading brewers – both craft and industrial - to assess their products, analyze data, and take action to ensure the highest possible beer quality and consistency.

This course is critical for breweries of every size, and can also benefit brewing guilds looking to form member taste panels towards evaluating and improving the quality of beers produced by their members.

For this course, prior brewing knowledge is not required, but students will benefit from existing knowledge of brewing technologies and/ or related sciences.

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Key facts

3 days
Clock Hours
West Coast Campus, San Diego

Admission requirements

All students applying for a program, module or course must be of legal drinking age.

Prior knowledge of brewing process basics through either homebrewing (1 years) or having previously completed successfully the Executive Overview of the Brewing Process course is required.