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Prove that you are serious about your career in brewing. The Siebel Institute/WBA certificate programs are among the most recognized professional qualifications in the industry and can help you seek greater opportunities.


Entry level or preparation (online)

For students considering entry into the brewing industry or preparation for our advanced-level programs.

WT1 WBA Concise Course in Brewing Technology (online)

Individual modules (online)

Students may take any of these modules as a separate unit, electing to complete the targeted program(s) at a later date.

WT5 Module 1: WBA Raw Materials and Wort Production (online) WT6 Module 2: Beer Production and Quality Control (online) WT7 Module 3: WBA Packaging and Process Technology (online)


Siebel Institute offers a wide variety of specialized courses. These courses are designed to give you the skills and knowledge to prepare you to be more successful in your chosen field.

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El Instituto de Tecnología Siebel, la escuela más antigua de América especializada en la elaboración de la cerveza, se complace en anunciar un nuevo curso en español para cerveceros profesionales.