Pure Yeast Cultures

The Siebel Institute of Technology has selected our Siebel Institute BRY brewing yeast strains for their reliable performance in professional brewing applications.

Bry 96

This is a flocculent top fermenting ale yeast from a brewery formerly operating on the East Coast of the United States. It produces a very clean ale flavor which has been well accepted in a number of breweries.

Bry 118

A very flocculent lager yeast. It has been used by a number of breweries in the United States for many years. It shows good viability under a variety of brewing conditions and keeps its viability well during storage. This yeast produces a beer with a slightly fruity character, sometimes a little residual sugar is left because the yeast settles quickly. It tends to be a sulfur producer under some conditions.

Bry 144

This is a top fermenting Alt beer style yeast from Germany which produces a very full flavored but clean tasting beer, somewhat estery in flavor.

Bry 203

This yeast is a very popular and very flocculent lager strain from Northern Europe. It produces a beer with a good balance of flavors, particularly between the esters and higher alcohols, which makes a very drinkable beer. This yeast produces less sulfur compounds than most other flocculent strains.

Bry 204

This yeast originated from Northern Europe. It is a top fermenting Trappist type strain which ferments rapidly at relatively warm temperatures. It can be used to produce ales and wheat beers with a rather dry but estery flavor and a light clove-like spicy character.

Bry 235

A traditional Bavarian weizen yeast. Top fermenting and normally used at room temperatures to give a very vigorous fermentation. Produces a very estery beer with a mild clove-like spiciness.

Bry 264

A flocculent, bottom fermenting strain from England. Gives quick clarification of the beer after fermentation. Produces a clean ale type product, with an estery and slightly nutty character.

Bry 401

This is the most widely used yeast strain for brewing Kolsch beer in Germany. It is a non-flocculent yeast that ferments well and settles very slowly. It is an ale yeast that ferments well at lower temperatures (55 - 59 °F or 13 – 15 °C) and produces the mild flavors associated with Kolsch beer.

Our laboratory also provides services for isolation and evaluation of pure cultures from your own source. We will maintain such cultures for your exclusive use, and will propagate the strain as described above when needed.

We have many other yeast strains available besides the ones described here. Many of these alternate strains are described on a separate Yeast Culture Information sheet, which is available upon request. We will be pleased to assist in matching one of these strains with your specific requirements. For further assistance with our special yeast strains please contact the Siebel Institute Microbiological Services division.


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