Yeast Maintenance & Evaluation Services

The Siebel Institute of Technology has been in the brewing yeast business since 1872, providing a full range of yeast banking & maintenance services to some of the greatest names in North American brewing. Now, with our expanded Microbiological Services division in Montreal (Canada), we are pleased to offer the industry’s most advanced yeast management & evaluation services.

Our services employ the highest scientific standards, assuring the purity and performance of every culture under our care. We offer the most advanced range of testing available in the brewing industry, with yeast banking and maintenance packages that meet the needs of breweries of every size. You can choose from one of our pre-packaged programs, or we can work with your company to build an effective and affordable program custom-designed for your company. If you would like to learn more about which services are right for you, just contact us at our Montreal offices.

Yeast Banking Packages
Initial Deposit Fee ( 1st Year)
US$ 1070
US$ 260
US$ 215
Preservation by 3 different methods (liquid nitrogen, cryostorage, microbankTM) and back-up at another location for increased security
Melibiose assimilation / fermentation test & Growth at 37 °C (Ale/lager differentiation)
Biochemical profile & yeast identification using api 20C AUX galleries
POF Test
(Phenolic Off-Flavor detection)
Purity check / contaminant detection (By using differential & selective media for wild yeasts & bacteria)
Killer profile (Evaluation of strain sensitivity to killer toxins & its ability to synthesize killer toxins)
Genetic stability & DNA profiling by PFGE on 5 colonies (To differentiate between strains, detect mutations and test for genetic stability.)    
DNA profiling by RAPD-PCR (To create a DNA fingerprint for strain differentiation.)  
Maintenance packages to choose from Gold, Sliver or Bronze Silver or Bronze Bronze


Yeast Maintenance Packages
Annual Fee (for each subsequent year)
US$ 510
US$ 185
US$ 120
Yeast storage using the different methods mentioned above and subculturing if necessary
Annual verification of your production culture against its BRY reference by PFGE and PCR    
Annual verification of your production culture against its BRY reference by RAPD-PCR  



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