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Brian Hodgson

Brian Hodgson

I was born in the UK in 1947. I grew up and was schooled in Zimbabwe . In 1966, I joined South African Breweries as a laboratory technician, and in 1971 became a brewing trainee. In 1973, I passed the Master Brewers Examination of the Institute of Brewing (now IBD). I was then transferred by SAB from Zimbabwe to South Africa as the Brewer overseeing the construction and commissioning a new brewery .
During my 42 years with the company, I worked in 6 of their breweries as a Brewing Manager and ultimately as a Brewmaster. An achievement that I am particularly proud of is, in 1998, winning the best beer award in Burton-on-Trent for the Black Label beer submitted from the brewery where I was Brewmaster at the time.
One of my great passions during my working career was training brewers; since retirement I have mentored 40 brewing trainees, 4 of whom are now Brewing Managers in South Africa with AB-INBEV.
I enjoy the outdoors, hiking, swimming, the wildlife, and tutoring future brewers.


322 South Green Street
Suite 100
Chicago, Illinois 60607
United States of America




+1 (312) 255 0705

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