Test Your Knowledge

Assess your level of knowledge
This assessment has been designed to verify if you have the required minimum basic brewing knowledge to enroll in an advanced-level program or module, or for you to see where you are in regard to brewing knowledge.  The assessment consists of 50 questions at the intermediate level (the level of the WBA Concise Course in Brewing Technology) covering areas such as raw ingredients, wort production, yeast and fermentation, filtration, and packaging. The assessment consist of a mix of True and False and Multiple Choice questions. You will have a total of 20 minutes to complete the assessment, and you may go back and change your answers if needed. Please Note: If you wish to retest, you will need to wait 30-days before reattempting, and you must use your exact same account information (email address, name, etc.) when doing so. Any and all attempts using alternative information to take the assessment more than once within a 30-day period will be negated. Please note that on completion of your assessment, you may be contacted by a Siebel Institute representative with an offer of assistance in course selection and preparation. Feel free to contact us with any questions at info@siebelinstitute.com

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