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James Altwies

James Altwies

James is a business leader, educator, and scientist who works with brewers and hop growers to craft better beer. He has spent most of his career understanding aromas and flavors in the foods we eat and the “why” behind them. James is a trained molecular biologist, horticulturist, and sensory scientist, holding advanced degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the University of Toledo (Ohio).

James founded Gorst Valley Hops to extend his learnings to the craft brewing industry and attempt to enlighten brewers on the complexity of hop aroma and flavor science. He is passionate about food quality and safety and has authored Best Practices Manuals for the USDA on the topic. James was also instrumental in developing the AromSmartTM hop drying method that preserves maximum aroma content in processed hops.


322 South Green Street
Suite 100
Chicago, Illinois 60607
United States of America




+1 (312) 255 0705

James teaches in the following courses:


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