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John G. Doble III Memorial Scholarship

The Florida Brewers Guild has teamed up with the Siebel Institute of Technology to provide a full tuition scholarship each year for the World Brewing Academy Concise Course in Brewing Technology, held each fall in Chicago. Eligibility requirements for the scholarship are listed below. The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of financial and technical need of both the brewer and the brewery.

The selection committee is comprised of members from the Florida Brewers Guild, and committee reserves the right to not award this scholarship. The recipient of the scholarship will have responsibility for all other costs.

All applicants must meet course requirements as indicated on the course details.

Rules and regulations

  1. Because the goal of the John G. Doble III Memorial Scholarship is to enhance the Florida brewing community and its capability, it is open to Florida residence applicants only.
  2. Application deadline is February 25th, 2019.
  3. The winner will be announced at the Florida Brewers Guild BeerFest the following year, and the winner must be present to accept the scholarship.

How to apply

Download application form

To qualify for the John G Doble III Memorial Scholarship, please also provide a narrative on the following topics

  1. Indicate your career expectations in the Florida brewing industry and how you hope to further these expectations by attending this course.
  2. Describe your current position and provide additional information regarding your training and experience in the field of brewing.
  3. Other than your own personal funds, will you receive outside assistance towards expenses other than tuition? If so, please state who will be providing this assistance.
  4. Will your employer grant a leave of absence during the period of this course? Will this leave of absence be with or without pay?
  5. Because the scholarship is awarded based upon both technical and financial need, please be sure to address these issues.

Applicants are also required to attach a minimum of two endorsements from Florida Brewers Guild members.

All of the above is to be sent to:
Joshua D. "Josh" Aubuchon
Holland & Knight LLP

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About John G. Doble III (1965-2003)

Born in a U.S. Military Hospital in Frankfurt, Germany, John Doble was the Co-Founder and Brew-Master of Tampa Bay Brewing Company in Ybor City and the Brew Shack, Beer & Wine Homebrew Supply & Beer Retail Store in Tampa, Florida. Prior to Tampa, Sergeant John Doble, Airborne/ Ranger/ Infantry, was with the 1st BN, 75th Ranger Regiment, First Infantry Division, “The Big Red One” and the 101st Airborne (Airmobile) Division. He went from traveling around the world as part of a military family, to driving an armored Infantry carrier across the dusty Moroccan desert, to graduating as a Brewmaster from the world’s premier brewing school, The Siebel Institute of Technology.

Johnny's dedication to excellence in both food and beer was nationally renowned as the Tampa Bay Brewing Company was selected as one of the top four restaurant/breweries in America for beer infused food. He was brilliant, highly creative and a tireless worker fitting more into his short 37 years than the average person does in three lifetimes. He was a natural leader, brewer and chef, a free spirit who lived life to its fullest. He was compassionate, yet intolerant to those who did not perform to his high expectations. He was a devoted father to his son Chris, who unlike many other eldest sons and fathers were inseparable – they did everything together as the best of friends. Johnny’s ashes have been embedded into an eternal artificial reef, placed in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Sarasota, the place where he, his father and brothers spent their last scuba diving trip together. An American hero, a loving father and a successful Tampa businessman with a great passion for life that he lived to the fullest, John Doble will be sorely missed.


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