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WBA Packaging and Process Technology Module (Module 3)

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With the WBA Packaging and Process Technology individual module you will obtain solid knowledge of the fundamentals involved in this complex area of brewing.


Packaging and brewery engineering play a major role in any brewery, so brewers need a sound understanding about the principles involved in this complex area of brewing science. Our WBA Packaging and Process Technology module deals with processing and packaging of finished beer, as well as important engineering and “physical properties” issues.

The packaging course segments include the most recent developments in alternative materials (such as plastic bottles) and super-high-speed bottling systems. Engineering and process instruction includes topics such as properties of metals and other materials, fluid and pump dynamics, and other areas critical to improving brewery performance.

The WBA Packaging and Process Technology module can be taken individually, or as part of the WBA Advanced Brewing Theory, WBA International Diploma in Brewing Technology, or WBA Master Brewer programs. It is offered online and on-campus, both with distinctive advantages. The campus option will allow students to participate in vibrant classroom discussions and develop close networks with fellow students. The online option allows students to advance through the module at their own pace, and from the comfort of their office or home, without the need to travel.

If the online option is selected, throughout the duration of the module students are supervised by the instructional staff of the World Brewing Academy, drawing on the talents of some of the most knowledgeable scientists, technologists and brewmasters in the industry. Student progress is actively monitored throughout the program, and students can access instructors via email and chat sessions throughout the duration of the module. The average time spent studying is normally 7-10 hours per week but depends on the individual as well.

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All students applying for a program, module or course must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age. If a student is applying for the online option of a program, module or course, the student must have proof to be of legal drinking age in their country of residence in order to be approved and admitted.

This advanced program or module requires students to have specific knowledge of brewing technologies and/or related sciences in order to be approved to enroll. This can be satisfied by:

(a) Successfully passing the WBA Concise Course in Brewing Technology OR
(b) Successfully passing the online Assessment (click here to take the assessment)

What I'll learn

  • Overview
  • Materials
  • Line Design and Flow
  • Glass Bottles and PET Technology
  • Bottle Washing
  • Bottle Filling/Crowning
  • Principles of Canning/Seaming
  • Pasteurization
  • Kegging Technology (single valve keg)
  • Labelling Technology
  • Bottle Conditioning
  • Principles of Maintenance Effectiveness
  • Brewery Design
  • Fluid Flow Fundamentals
  • Gases in the Brewery
  • Valves in the Brewery
  • Pumps in a Brewery (and Troubleshooting)
  • Steam Fundamentals
  • Principles of Heat Transfer
  • Glycol Fundamentals
  • Principles of Refrigeration
  • Materials of Construction
  • Basic Energy Calculations
  • Process Control and Automation
  • CO2 Collection Systems
  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Statistics
  • Process Troubleshooting
  • Hygienic Design
  • Introduction to PID
  • Liquid Processing

Enroll options

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ONLINE: To qualify for “Regular Tuition” pricing, full payment must be received no later than 14-days in advance of the course, module or program start date.

CAMPUS: To qualify for “Regular Tuition” pricing, full payment must be received no later than 60-days in advance of the course, module or program start date.

“Late Tuition” will apply after these dates.


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Visa Requirements
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