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Glycol Cooling Fundamentals

How can you maintain cool conditions?


Convection, Capacity, Glycol, Cooling, Conduction, Flow


Cooling in a modern brewery is generally provided by glycol whereas in older breweries ammonia was the refrigerant of choice. Its use is now very uncommon due to the significant safety risks associated with it. Therefore this lecture focuses on the basic concepts and practicalities of glycol cooling in the brewery.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe what glycol is
  • Explain how refrigeration works
  • Describe the heat transfer principles for glycol cooling in a brewery
  • Describe the uses of glycol in a brewery and the key design considerations
  • Calculate the required cooling capacity for a brewery

Lecture developed by

Matt Harris

Matt is a highly solutions focused and action oriented manufacturing leader with an Engineering (Chemical) background and over 5 years´ experience in a number of production and project leadership roles. He led the design and delivery of AU$39M of capital works, led a team of operators to sustained high performance including over AU$700K in functional and waste savings, as well as helping grow the business of a new craft brewery. Matt excels in: developing improvement strategies and implementation plans, production scheduling and process change management, leading and facilitating structured problem solving, building capability through coaching and developing team members and leading multi-disciplinary capital project teams (including contract negotiation & budget control).

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Lecture Duration
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