Maintenance Principles

"Don’t fix it if ain’t broken." Is it always the right approach?


Safety, Failure, Maintenance, Inspection, Preventive, Corrective, Centralized, Lockout


This lecture is NOT a substitute for a handbook or a maintenance manual. What it will offer you is a clear picture of what might be needed for your brewery in order to run safely and efficiently. Appropriate maintenance is clearly beneficial, otherwise, people wouldn’t do it, but it does have a cost and involves time and money. So you have to decide which approach is best for you. What are the basic steps? What maintenance is typically carried out by small brewers? Remember that some items of maintenance are mandated to ensure the safety of personnel and plant.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand why maintenance of brewing equipment is important to ensure safety, quality, and efficiency
  • Understand the main types of maintenance and the circumstances in which they are followed
  • Describe the steps of first-line maintenance
  • Recognize the mandatory nature of certain brewery maintenance
  • Identify the key items of equipment and instrumentation that require maintenance
  • Understand how they are typically maintained

Lecture developed by

Derek Orford

Derek is an experienced brewer and operations leader who has enjoyed working in breweries of all sizes. He has run and consulted to craft breweries and multinationals. His experience includes experimentation with novel raw materials and he’s developed a number of award-winning beers such as Toast Lager and Toast IPA. At Heineken and Lion Nathan, he managed technical departments and breweries, winning quality awards for Heineken, Guinness and Tooheys New. He is an Examiner for the Institute of Brewing and Distilling Master Brewer examination and teaches the IBD Diploma.

Derek currently consults with First Key Consulting, where his areas of expertise include: operations management, brewing, engineering, process improvement, product development and training. For Derek, it has always been about the beer and in order to brew great beer, he says breweries need the right capabilities, be it plant, people, or processes.

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