Principles of Canning

So you want to expand beyond the taproom? Can is a great solution.


Filler, Can, Ends, Depalletizer, Counter-pressure, Seamer


"Principles of Canning" begins by addressing the rationale of choosing can over bottle. This presentation also explains the ordering process for packaging equipment and materials, and cover in detail the canning process itself with great emphasis on double seaming operations. Canning quality control parameters are considered and discussed.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand why using cans are worth considering
  • Describe the difference between Isobaric and Atmospheric filling
  • Discuss proper cleaning techniques
  • Describe the canning process
  • Describe the seaming process
  • Define the critical double seam parameters

Lecture developed by

Tays Anderson

Tays is a Senior Technical Can-Sultant, Technical Publications and Support Manager at Wild Goose Canning-Meheen Manufacturing. Tays has been with Wild Goose Canning for nearly 7 years (as of 2018). He has installed packaging equipment in breweries, and other craft beverage facilities around the globe and trains customers on how to successfully move product from tank to pallet while maintaining top notch quality control throughout the packaging process. Tays has worked closely with hundreds of breweries large and small including Coors, Telluride Brewing, Epic Brewing, Oskar Blues, Wicked Weed, The Wine Group and Mikkeller Beer. Tays also constantly support the industry’s massive Mobile Canning service providers and their fleet of systems. Tays’ dedication and attention to detail enables him to provide the best possible customer experience for quality double seam specifications, while educating the industry on D.O. pickup control.

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Lecture Duration
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