W25: WBA Applied Brewing Techniques

Certificate studies

The 3-week WBA Applied Brewing Techniques module allows students to experience hands-on commercial brewing techniques in the facilities of Doemens Academy in Munich, Germany. Doemens Academy offers one of the most advanced practical training facilities in brewing education, with fully-equipped brewing, fermentation, filtration and packaging environments as well as a range of specialized labs.

In this information-packed module, students will perform practical operations in each major area involved in beer production, packaging, and lab analysis. Students will also be trained in a full range brewing techniques during the practical brewing segments of the course, giving them a truly international perspective of beer production while under the supervision of one of the best instructional teams in the brewing industry.

During the course, students also get to experience the historic brewing culture of Munich, one of the world’s foremost brewing capitals. Munich is a central gateway to many of the great areas of Europe, allowing students to explore the region as their study schedule permits.

This module cannot be taken unless the applicant has completed and passed the Advanced Brewing Theory Program which consists of Modules 1-3.

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Key facts

3 weeks
Clock Hours
Munich Campus

Admission requirements

All students applying for an advanced program, module or course must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age.

This advanced program or module requires students to have a specific knowledge of brewing theory and/or related sciences in order to be successful in the assessment process by having either successfully completed one of the following, with exception of Modules 5 and 7 (see exceptions info below).

(a) Successfully passing the Concise Course in Brewing Technology (campus or online), or
(b) Successfully passing the online assessment

Exceptions: To qualify for Module 5, one must have successfully completed all Modules 1-3. To qualify for Module 7, one must have successfully completed all Modules 1-6