W10: WBA International Diploma in Brewing Technology Program

Certificate studies

The twin-campus WBA International Diploma in Brewing Technology program will prepare graduates to advance their careers through practical application of brewing.

This 12-week program is comprised of segments, divided into one-to-three-week modules, with each module specializing in a particular area of brewing technology. The content will address issues in brewing from an international perspective, providing a depth of experience that is unavailable through any other institution.

The WBA International Diploma in Brewing Technology Program begins with 7-weeks of brewing theory and business issues conducted at our Siebel Institute campus in Chicago. Students build a sound understanding of the sciences and technologies that are used throughout breweries of all sizes. After the Chicago modules are completed, students then travel to Doemens Academy in Munich, Germany, where they apply the knowledge gained from their first 7-weeks of study in the practical brewing environment at Doemens. Students also participate in advanced-level brewing theory training while at Doemens, including presentations regarding brewing techniques used in creating authentic German beer styles.

Finally, students travel on the European Study Tour to breweries and brewing-industry suppliers, learning how the information they have gained in the program is utilized in real-world brewing environments. Over the 12-weeks of this program, students will gain a truly international perspective on brewing techniques and technologies.

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Key facts

12 weeks
Clock Hours
Chicago & Munich Campus*

*Students taking the full, continuous program receive roundtrip airfare (Chicago O'Hare International Airport, Chicago, U.S.A., to Munich Franz Joseph Strauss International Airport and back to Chicago) within the cost of tuition. Room and board is the responsibility of the students in both Chicago and Munich.

Modules included in this program

W21: WBA Raw Materials and Wort Production
W22: WBA Beer Production and Quality Control
W23: WBA Packaging and Process Technology
W24: WBA Business of Brewing and Technical Case Studies
W25: WBA Applied Brewing Techniques
W26: WBA European Brewery Study Tour

Admission requirements

All students applying for an advanced program, module or course must be of legal drinking age.

This advanced program or module requires students to have a specific knowledge of brewing theory and/or related sciences in order to be successful in the assessment process by having either successfully completed one of the following, with exception of Modules 5 and 7 (see exceptions info below).

(a) Successfully passing the Concise Course in Brewing Technology (campus or online), or
(b) Successfully passing the online assessment

Exceptions: To qualify for Module 5, one must have successfully completed all Modules 1-3. To qualify for Module 7, one must have successfully passed Modules 1-6


Upon completion of this program students will be awarded the WBA International Diploma in Brewing Technology certificate.