On-Demand Lectures: Affordable education comes to your brewery

By Keith Lemcke
December 28, 2022

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Every brewery benefits from well-trained staff, yet finding employees with exactly the right skill set is practically impossible given how diverse commercial brewing has become. It is a practical necessity for breweries to educate staff toward maximizing the quality, consistency and profitability of their business and its products, yet doing so is not without challenges.

One of the highest hurdles to overcome in training and education is the inability to take time off to attend campus-based classes. Few breweries have sufficient staffing to allow for someone to be away for weeks or months at a time to attend a class, and the costs involved can also be prohibitive. Yet, in today’s era of 24/7 access to information, educational content can now be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection, eliminating the need to travel to attend a class.

Since 2002, Siebel Institute and World Brewing Academy have been building a vast selection of educational content for online delivery, bringing the ability to study professional-level brewing technology to students anywhere in the world. While our courses and programs attract hundreds of students each year to participate in content covering a full range of brewing topics, it is our vast range of on-demand WBA Specialized Lectures which offer an educational option that even the smallest breweries can bring to their staff.

Covering almost 100 topics associated with commercial-level brewing, the WBA Specialized Lectures allow those working in every phase of brewing operations to choose the individual subjects that best apply to their learning needs. Once a student has selected a topic, they simply register online and from that point, they will have 10 days to access the expert-narrated course materials, with no limitation on the number of times one can view the presentation during that access period.

For people moving into an unfamiliar area of brewing, these lectures allow them to train on the underlying technologies of that area while applying the lessons in real-world situations. These lectures can assist those in supporting roles in brewing to understand the technical and operational issues that can affect decision-making. The online availability of the materials allows any student to fit these short-duration lectures into their schedule using a computer or mobile device without downloading an app.

If you have any questions regarding which of our online lectures, courses or programs is right for you or your employees, contact Richard Dube, Director of Online Education, at rdube@siebelinstitute.com.