WBA Master Brewer Program: The Doemens Factor

By Keith Lemcke
November 07, 2022

The WBA Master Brewer Program takes students to two of the world’s most respected brewing schools, beginning their educational journey with 6 weeks of study at the Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago, where the educational content concentrates on advanced-level brewing theory instruction. With some of the industry’s best subject experts delivering in-depth, up-to-date materials, the focus is on maximizing student understanding in the most important areas of technical brewing while studying in exciting Chicago.

Immediately following the Chicago segment, students travel together to begin their studies at Doemens Academy in Munich, Germany. Munich is not only a historical center for brewing culture, but also the center of brewing science and technology, with Doemens playing a leading role in international research and education since 1895. In 2021, Doemens commissioned a new campus that has brought exciting changes to the activities of our World Brewing Academy programs. As Doemens president Georg Schneider commented “We are building the coolest brewing and food academy in the world”.

With participation and sponsorship from some of the world’s leading brewing industry suppliers, the new facilities in this 3-story building offer state-of-the-art practical learning environments, including:

With substantial hands-on practical application work during the combined 14 weeks of time spent at Doemens, students are instructed and supervised by an extraordinary team that includes German diploma-holding brewmasters and recognized brewing scientists with decades of experience.

Along with on-campus activities, WBA students spend 2 weeks in behind-the-scenes tours of breweries and industry-related companies during the European Brewing Study Tour. Students also spend time working in Munich-area breweries during the 8-week Advanced Applied Brewing Techniques, providing valuable practical instruction in traditional and modern German brewing techniques and processes.

CLICK HERE to view a drone fly-over of the Doemens Academy campus facility.