Education and training is important for consistency

By Richard Dubé
January 25, 2022

Previous craft beer booms in both the United States and Australia died primarily because of quality concerns. Today, craft brewers understand that consistency is crucial to quality. Consumers are more sophisticated than in previous decades. If they love a beer, customers will want to repurchase — and they expect the beer to be the same from one visit to the next. To achieve consistency, brewers must understand more about what they are doing and the science behind why they are doing it.

Everyone from the brewer to the beer server should be educated. Training can play a role from top to bottom. The Siebel Institute offer training courses and programs to suit every investment level. In many cases, training can be done without even leaving home. The Build Me a Brewery podcast recently featured Richard Dubé, Director of Online Education at the Siebel Institute, for a deep dive into training options available across the world. You can now find the episode on Apple Podcasts.

At the Siebel Institute, we are delighted to see our classrooms filling up again, with some programs and courses even on a waitlist. Our online offerings are also becoming increasingly popular as the benefits of online education become more and more relevant in today’s world. More than ever, education is key for brewers who wish to produce high-quality beers, consistently.