Beer Kulture and Siebel Institute Partner to Offer Brewing Scholarship

By John Hannafan
May 05, 2021

PETERSBURG, Fla. - April 30, 2021 - Beer Kulture and the Siebel Institute of Technology have partnered to offer an annual brewing scholarship to a deserving Black/African American, Hispanic, Latino, Native North American, or Pacific Island individual. Today they announced that Shalanda Jackson of North Brunswick, New Jersey is the inaugural recipient.

Jackson and each subsequent winner of the annual scholarship will be enrolled in the World Brewing Academy (WBA) Concise Course in Brewing Technology. The course, offered two times per year on Siebel’s Chicago campus and three times per year online, is the Institution’s most popular offering. Once a student has successfully passed the course, they are automatically qualified for any advanced Siebel course or program.

Beer Kulture and Siebel were connected by Garrett Oliver, Brewmaster of Brooklyn Brewery and founder of the Michael James Jackson Foundation for Brewing and Distilling. The Michael James Jackson Foundation recently partnered with Siebel to award its own brewing scholarships, and after reviewing all the applications received, Oliver realized there was potential to impact many more lives.

“Garrett brought the idea to me, telling me how many great applications they received for the MJF scholarships to Siebel,” explained Latiesha Cook, President and CEO, Beer Kulture. “There were so many quality applicants that he felt deserved a shot, so he connected me with Siebel and suggested we consider a Beer Kulture scholarship. I loved it. Even if it’s just one more person that Beer Kulture is able to help with this scholarship, that’s one more person who could have been told no that will now receive a yes.”

“There is strength in diversity--which has been lacking in the industry,” said John Hannafan, Vice President and Director of Education for the Siebel Institute of Technology. “Inclusion in the workplace brings fresh perspectives and more innovative ideas, which would benefit any business. We are proud to partner with the MJF and Beer Kulture in bringing greater talent to the industry through education.”

This scholarship builds on the work Beer Kulture has done over the past year to bring more Black/African American, Hispanic, Latino, Native North American, and Pacific Island individuals into the beer industry. The organization’s efforts have resulted in scholarships and internships for deserving individuals interested in brewing and production, front of house service, journalism, and public relations and marketing.

“Since the founding of Beer Kulture, we’ve wanted to increase diversity and equity throughout the entire industry, focusing on all areas within the brewing world,” said Cook. “We’re now helping to diversify many different functions of craft beer and this partnership with Siebel helps us go even further. We’re really grateful that Siebel stepped up to provide this experience for Shalanda and many other candidates in future years.”

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