Special scholarships

By Christian R von der Heide
July 01, 2020

We are pleased to share that we awarded our special scholarships!

Our review committee was busy studying all the applications since the deadline. With my last posting, the number of applicants doubled. Rather than fitting all those passionate applications into a “template” format, we left the presentation for the scholarship submission undefined, which created a creative, authentic wave of letters to review, and we felt blessed by each of them.

The essential selection criteria that we focused on were diversity, determination, capacity to learn and evolve, authenticity,  will the individual be a future employer and create jobs and of course hardship through COVID-19. Lots of criteria, I know!

Thank you to everyone who applied, reached out to us, shared steps in their career, and demonstrated their passion for our craft and industry. On behalf of the institute, I spoke to all recipients, and they have started their enrolment process already.

We will share some of their life stories and experiences on our social media platforms for you to experience their inspirational journeys. See the above photos of some of our scholarship recipients and stay tuned to see their posts from Argentina, Denmark, Mexico, Hungary, USA, Paraguay, South Africa, and more.

Those that applied and did not receive our call will receive a unique admission code to our web-based WBA specialized lectures and choose a topic of their choice. Our specialized lectures are one of our newest learning innovations. Rather than taking a full course, you pick your field of interest and study the lecture, like a book, yet interactive and designed to prepare you for real application.


We are in it together!
Christian R von der Heide on behalf of the selection committee

Any questions? Email info@siebelinstitute.com or check us out www.siebelinstitute.com. We are equally available by phone. +1312.255.0705


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