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Intermediate level Brewing Quality Control

Brewing Microbiology

Whether you are building a QC/QA course for your brewery from scratch, or you are joining an established quality control and assurance program, this course will benefit you immediately and throughout your career. Implement an effective microbiological quality control/quality assurance program in a short but intensive 2-week course duration.


The Siebel Institute Brewing Microbiology course is designed to provide the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to implement an effective microbiological quality control / quality assurance program.

The course will acquaint the student with the appropriate methods for biological and sanitary control within the brewery, and will promote an understanding of the essential modern day tools for effective microbiological evaluation of process and product.

A detailed study of the microorganisms that are likely to occur during the various stages of the brewing process will be conducted. The laboratory exercises provide opportunities to acquire skills in microbiology and microscopy. Practical work will reinforce the techniques required to isolate and identify microorganisms as well as demonstrate some of the latest developments in brewing microbiology.

The Siebel Institute of Technology Brewing Microbiology course will be conducted at Metropolitan State University in Denver, Colorado.


All students applying for this course must be at least twenty one (21) years of age. For this course, minimally 1 year brewery laboratory experience is recommended and/or having completed the Essential Quality Control course.

What I'll learn

  • The Nature of Yeast
  • Pure Yeast Cultures: Maintenance and Selection
  • Yeast Viability: Cell Concentration, Pitching, Measurement
  • Yeast Handling Practices
  • Microbiology of Grains and Water
  • Wild Yeast and Yeast Mutants
  • Wort Spoilage Bacteria
  • Beer Spoilage Bacteria
  • Identification of Contaminants
  • Bacterial and Wild Yeast Detection
  • Yeast Growth and Fermentation
  • Beer Hazes and Sediments
  • Microbiology Program for Breweries
  • Sterile Membrane Filtration
  • General Brewery Cleaning and CIP
  • Flavor Production
  • Rapid Microbiological Methods
  • Sampling Techniques and Environmental Hygiene
  • Pasteurization

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“Late Tuition” will apply after these dates.

Time 9 days / 62 hours

Certificate of attendance

Tuition (late) $4,060

APF (non-refundable) $550

Total Cost $4,610

Visa Requirements
(non-U.S. citizens)
M1 Visa

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