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It is agreed that every brewer is or should be aware of the importance of cleanliness and sanitation. In order to achieve a finished product free of contamination, or residual chemicals, both potentially leading to unacceptable flavor profiles, the brewer must have an understanding of the intricacies of a sound Brewery CIP system and procedures. Washing, cleaning, scrubbing, sanitizing are integral essential activities of the brewing process. This lecture will ensure that the proper terminology is being used, as well as reviewing the factors that affect efficacy of the cleaning-sanitizing operations (including system configurations).

Learning Objectives

  • Define the terms related to cleaning
  • Describe the CIP functions and equipment
  • Describe the CIP operational requirements
  • Identify the intrinsic difficulties of cleaning
  • List the typical cleaning and sanitizing chemicals
  • Appreciate the safety precautions in handling CIP chemicals

Lecture developed by

Wayne Adkins

Wayne started his brewing career as an unpaid intern with the iconic Jack McAuliffe of the New Albion Brewery in Sonoma California. Wayne then went on to work for Anheuser-Busch, Inc., where he worked for 28 years, the last 12 years as the Senior Assistant Brewmaster at the company's Williamsburg brewery where he was responsible for all brewing operations. He is currently working as a consultant to the brewing industry where he helps breweries with facility and process design, solutions to brewing problems, as well as quality and taste improvement initiatives. He holds a B.S. in Fermentation Science from the University of California, Davis and an MBA from the College of William and Mary.

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