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Brewhouse Cleaning and Sanitation

Learn more about keeping your “pots and pans” clean.


Cleaning, Sanitation, Housekeeping, Soils, Chemicals, CIP, COP


Are you a brewer? Sorry to disappoint you, but you are in reality a "glorified janitor". Yes indeed, get used to it! Keeping your brewhouse vessels, lines, environment cleaned and sanitized is critical for the quality of your final product, but also for the longevity of your equipment. This lecture covers the general cleaning and sanitation practices in the brewhouse, from silo to wort production vessels, further downstream to cooling including lines to fermenting, and the general brewhouse area.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the reasons for cleaning
  • Identify common soils
  • Discuss methods and chemicals
  • Describe cleaning regiments
  • Suggest good practices

Lecture developed by

Nick Barron

Nick Barron has been in the craft brewing industry for over 14 years, and holds a Diploma in Brewing from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling. Nick has been the Headbrewer and Pub Brewmaster at two of Chicago’s esteemed breweries, Flossmoor Station Brewing Company and Goose Island Brewing Company, where he developed hundreds of different recipes and experimentations of wood and barrel aging, as well as mixed fermentation beers. Nick has lately been consulting with start-up and existing breweries, as they move through the phases of getting their operations off the ground and running, as well as through various expansion phases, training and forming sound best brewing practices. Nick is always excited to talk about theoretical and technical brewing practices, as well as esoteric philosophies of developing beer styles!

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Lecture Duration
52 minutes

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