Yeast and Cellars

Dry Yeast Production

Dry or Liquid Yeast? Learn more about dry yeast.


Yeast, Propagation, Storage, Drying, Rehydration, Trehalose


Those who read home brewing books from 20 years ago are told a lot about the poor quality of dry yeast products. That has completely changed with today’s dry yeast products.

This lecture explain the approach in producing dry yeast, the inherent difficulties of the drying process, and presents the advantages of dry yeast over liquid yeast.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain how yeast propagation is conducted
  • Provide and outline of the objective of yeast aeration
  • Detail the role trehalose plays in dry yeast
  • Discuss some of the advantages that rehydration offers
  • List the suggested steps in yeast rehydration

Lecture developed by

Dr. Tobias Fischborn

Tobias Fischborn was appointed as research scientist for Lallemand Inc. in March 1998. He holds now the position of R&D Manager - Brewing at Lallemand and is also responsible for quality control and quality assurance of all brewing yeasts. He graduated from the Technical University Munich/Weihenstephan in 1993, where he obtained an engineering degree in brewing and beverage technology. He continued studying for a PhD in brewing which he finished in 1997. Prior to his studies in Weihenstephan he worked as a brewer at Brewery Ph. & C. Andres in Kirn, Germany.

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