Malting and Raw Materials

Introduction to Hops

Learn about the history of hops, how it is cultivated, and more.


Materials, Hop, Botany, Cultivation, Varietals, Evaluation, Diseases


An Introduction to this essential beer ingredients, including some history, and its method of cultivation. Some varieties are presented and techniques of evaluation discussed.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the historical role hops play in brewing
  • Describe the benefits of brewing with hops
  • Describe the growing regions and botany of hops
  • Describe the hop growing process
  • Discuss the cultivation of hops and different hop varietals
  • Discuss the evaluation of hops

Lecture developed by

Nick Barron

Nick Barron has been in the craft brewing industry for over 14 years, and holds a Diploma in Brewing from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling. Nick has been the Headbrewer and Pub Brewmaster at two of Chicago’s esteemed breweries, Flossmoor Station Brewing Company and Goose Island Brewing Company, where he developed hundreds of different recipes and experimentations of wood and barrel aging, as well as mixed fermentation beers. Nick has lately been consulting with start-up and existing breweries, as they move through the phases of getting their operations off the ground and running, as well as through various expansion phases, training and forming sound best brewing practices. Nick is always excited to talk about theoretical and technical brewing practices, as well as esoteric philosophies of developing beer styles!

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