Wort Boiling

Boiling is expensive; it must be done carefully.


Wort, Kettle, Boil, Boiling, Evaporation, Trub, Heating


It seems like every stone carving of ancient brewing has the Brewer with their concoction sitting on top of a fire pit with steam rising out of the cauldron. Why those early Brewers saw a need to heat the liquid may be a mystery to any one observing? However now we know that sterilization of the wort is critical to ensuring that the yeast will not have any competition for the nutrients and carbohydrates that we worked so hard to create during Mashing. So Boiling, like malting, mashing, and lautering is a very important step in the brewing process. Like those steps mentioned, consistency in the process will lead to a predictable outcome. The Boiling process is also expensive considering the amount of BTUs that goes into the wort during heating and then pulled out during cooling. So Wort Boiling needs to be done with care and vigilance.

Learning Objectives

  • Review Wort Composition
  • Understand the objectives of wort boiling
  • Describe the effects of wort boiling
  • Review the different Wort Boiling Systems
  • Understand the consequences of problematic boiling operation
  • Review the ways to do wort monitoring and wort boiling performance measurements
  • Understand the calculations involved for evaporation percentage

Lecture developed by

Tom Eplett III

Tom Eplett joined Miller Brewing Company in 1976 as a Brewing Chemist moving up to Acting Brewing Manager when it was closed in 1994. He then moved to Milwaukee and held various Brewing Operations positions. He has worked in the Eden facility since 2010. He currently serves as Acting Brewing Operations Manager and Technical Brewer in the Brewing department and will continue in a dual-role capacity. Following the closure of the Eden Brewery in 2016, he is now supporting the Business Transformation Process – MillerCoors Manufacturing Solution (MCMS/MFG). He is the Brewing Process Lead in this imitative. This project involves the implement of a common SAP accounting system and Distributor Ordering System across all MillerCoors production and distribution units.

Through the course of his career, Tom has held various roles, including Assistant Brewing Manager, Senior Staff Brewer, Corporate Environmental Engineer and Product Lab Manager. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from Bloomsburg University, a Master’s in Business Administration from Syracuse University, and a diploma In Brewing Technology from Siebel Institute of Technology-Chicago. Tom was President of the Master Brewers of the Americas and also served as Past President and is Co-Chair of the World Brewing Congress in 2016. He remains active in the MBAA and is one of the instructors at the MBAA Brewing School in Madison.

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