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WBA Specialized

A new online educational offering! The WBA Specialized Lectures cover a multitude of specific topics on all processes of beer production.
  • 60+ fully narrated lectures
  • Ranging from 20 to 90 minutes each
  • 10 days of lecture access, beginning immediately upon purchase
  • A content expert available to answer questions during the access time
The uniqueness of the WBA Specialized Lectures make them perfect for those looking to increase their knowledge in a particular area, or business owners wanting to provide education to their workforce. Discover the lectures and the e-learning platform in 2 minutes:

24 results

Beer Filtration: Theory and Mechanisms Yeast and Cellars

This first lecture on Beer Filtration focuses on the theory of filtration and particularly the mechanisms by w...

Beer Filtration: Filters and Operations Yeast and Cellars

This is the second lecture on Beer Filtration. Various types of filters are described and their advantages and...

Centrifuges Yeast and Cellars

Centrifuges are becoming more affordable, even to the smaller craft brewers. This lecture reviews the theory b...

Carbonation Yeast and Cellars

One major contributor to the sensory characteristics of the final product (that is, its flavor, sensation, aro...