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W30: Concise Course In Brewing Technology

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The two-week Concise Course in Brewing Technology will provide students with comprehensive knowledge of the brewing process, the dynamics of brewery operations, and issues affecting the industry.

Within the short time span of this course, students will gain a level of industry knowledge that will benefit them in any area of responsibility in the brewery, covering every topic critical to successful brewery operations, no matter of what size.

The Concise Course is conducted at our Chicago campus, giving students the chance to experience the thriving Midwest brewing scene while they are attending the course. Chicago is home to some of the nation's most noted breweries and beer-friendly bars and restaurants, offering students an exciting stay in this world-class city.

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Key Facts

2 weeks
Clock Hours
Chicago Campus

Admission requirements

All students applying for a program, module or course must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age.

Prior knowledge of brewing process basics through either homebrewing (1 years) or having previously completed successfully the Executive Overview of the Brewing Process course is required.


Upon successfully passing this course, students will receive the Concise Course in Brewing Technology certificate.

Course details

The Concise Course in Brewing Technology covers a similar range of topics to those presented in our advanced level programs but at a depth that allows those with only moderate understanding of brewing science and technology to participate in the course. This is an ideal course for those considering entry into the brewing industry, as well as those pursuing wider knowledge of the business in order to improve their skills and advance in their brewing careers. The Concise Course in Brewing Technology also offers the best way to prepare for our advanced-level programs should you decide to take them at a later date.