WT5: WBA Raw Materials and Wort Production (online)

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Great beer starts with great raw materials and sound brewhouse practice, and the Raw Materials and Wort Production module provides advanced-level training in the technology and science of wort creation. Each critical factor in wort production, from malting technology to hop usage to wort boiling and cooling, is explained in detail.

Students will also learn the analytical techniques involved in assessment of raw materials and wort towards achieving consistency in wort quality. Students will complete this intensive module with a complete understanding of the effects of products and processes on this critical area of the brewing cycle.

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Key facts

3 months
Clock Hours

Admission requirements

All students applying for an advanced program, module or course must be of legal drinking age.

This advanced program or module requires students to have a specific knowledge of brewing theory and/or related sciences in order to be successful in the assessment process by having either successfully completed one of the following, with exception of Modules 5 and 7 (see exceptions info below).

(a) Successfully passing the Concise Course in Brewing Technology (campus or online), or
(b) Successfully passing the online assessment

Exceptions: To qualify for Module 5, one must have successfully completed all Modules 1-3. To qualify for Module 7, one must have successfully passed Modules 1-6