Yeast and Cellars

Fermentation Flavor Compounds

All those Flavor Compounds. Any way I can control their formation?


Fermentation, Flavor, Control, Synthesis, Formation


Why do we want to control fermentation? For one, the consumer expects a consistent quality product. Furthermore, we want to have flavor matching.

If we have consistent fermentations, then production planning and utilization of plant equipment become a lot more efficient.

This lecture is looking at the more important fermentation flavor compounds, how these compounds are formed, and which factors affect their synthesis.

The latter dictates how we can control their production, especially during fermentation.

Learning Objectives

  • Importance of fermentation control
  • Pathways of flavor-active compounds
  • Effects of flavor-active compounds
  • Influential variables

Lecture developed by

Lyn Kruger

Lyn worked for South African Breweries as Development Microbiologist and Microbiology Consultant. She holds her B.Sc. in Microbiology and Chemistry from Rhodes University and her Master in Fermentation Microbiology for the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa.
Until her retirement, Lyn had been a pillar of the Siebel organization. Her expertise in Sensory Training and Evaluation made her a sought-after judge in several national and international beer competitions. Currently, Lyn enjoys the warm sun of Florida and for the past several years freelancing as a brewery consultant.

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Lecture Duration
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