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Recipe Formulation

What is a good recipe? Your consumer will be the judge.


Recipe, Formulation, Craft, Styles, Organoleptic, Consistency


The reality is that a full course can be designed for recipe formulation alone. This presentation however is addressing and answering the following key questions: What is a recipe? What is the logic behind properly formulating beers and why doing your homework designing recipes is key to success? Are there some guidelines that need to be considered in terms of specifics to the beer style that we intend to do? What are the circumstances for designing or reformulating a beer? What are some of the considerations that we must keep in mind about the raw materials, and the equipment that we will be using. All that being said, the process itself is of great importance and will be discussed. Finally, and possibly one of the most essential point, is to always maintain a customer focused approach. After all, that customer, the ultimate consumer, is the one criteria by which one recipe is judged to be successful or not.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what a Proper Formulation is
  • Grasp some style considerations
  • Recognize several Ingredients considerations for a recipe
  • Discern among several equipment considerations
  • Understand the importance of the Process

Lecture developed by

David Richter

David has returned to Briess Malting as the Technical Marketing Manager, Brew Division. David originally joined Briess in 2006 as the Division Manager for Brew West and spent ten years with them. David has logged over 20 years of experience in the craft brewing segment and like a lot of commercial brewers he took his high school homebrew experience from the mid 80’s and parlayed it into a job. Starting as head brewer of two locations with the Hops Brewhouse & Grill group in the early 90’s, he helped the business grow to 75 breweries across the U.S. as Director of Brewing and Beverage supporting 45 staff brewers and winning medals at both the WBC and GABF. David is a GABF competition judge as well as teaching brewing coursework at University California – San Diego, the Oregon State University Extension program, and content contributor for the World Brewing Academy (Siebel-Doemens).

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Lecture Duration
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