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Brewing professionally requires an ongoing commitment to learning, yet it can be difficult to dedicate the time and resources needed to attend courses. With that in mind, the WBA Specialized Lectures are available online on a topic-by-topic basis, allowing students to participate as their time permits. These lectures are designed to cover a multitude of topics on all the key processes involved in beer production.   Our Specialized Lectures feature:
  • 90+ fully narrated lectures
  • Presentation durations from 20 to 90 minutes each
  • 10 days of 24/7 lecture access, beginning immediately upon purchase
  • A content expert available to answer questions during the access time
Breweries can now choose to integrate education into their operations, allowing staff to participate in specific lectures towards improving their technical skills. The uniqueness of the WBA Specialized Lectures make them perfect for those looking to increase their knowledge in a particular area, or business owners wanting to provide education to their workforce.

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Maintenance Principles Packaging

This lecture is NOT a substitute for a handbook or a maintenance manual. What it will offer you is a clear pic...