The Siebel Institute of Technology continues to operate all web-based courses and programs without any delays or problems. We have temporarily closed campus educational offerings until early August at this time due to the COVID-19 situation.

To support our recent campus WBA students whose education has been impacted, we have immediately offered our well-established web-based educational option to complete this portion of their current studies.

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Consultancy Services

Technical Consultancy Services

Siebel Institute of Technology consultants blend decades of experience and knowledge with current and emerging trends and technologies, creating one of the best consultancy teams in the world.

What does this service include?

The Technical Consultancy Services include a personalized analysis and evaluation of working and brewing standards, current working situation and targeted desired outcomes. Depending on the results of this analysis, this service may include:
  • Assistance in planning and start-up
  • Support in equipment acquisition and installation
  • Plant design analysis
  • Solving of fermentation and QC/QA issues
  • Process evaluation
  • Staff training
  • Improvement of brewery management issues


Over the years, our approach to consultancy has evolved as the industry itself has changed. Successful brewers worldwide have come to recognize the importance of “informed analysis”, and the Siebel Institute of Technology has created a different approach to consultancy that achieves exactly such results. Rather than offering one or two consultants, the Siebel Institute draws from a worldwide team of experienced professionals with knowledge of every critical phase found within this industry. Siebel consultants blend decades of experience with current and emerging trends and technologies, creating one of the best consultancy teams in the world.

The team approach: Experts creating solutions together

From the time you contact Siebel Institute Consulting Services, you will see that we offer a unique level of service. In the initial phase of evaluation, you will work with a Siebel Institute Service Analyst to develop a “Needs Assessment Profile”, defining your current operating standards, perceived realities, and desired outcomes. Our analyst then draws from our team of staff and consulting experts, then chooses the appropriate consultant or team which will be able to best address the demands of your project. Our consultant(s) will work with your company to thoroughly evaluate your operations and provide the best possible solutions and options in clear communications and in as detailed reporting as should be expected from Siebel Institute.

Improved products. Improved processes. Improved profits.

Allow us an opportunity to speak with you or your company on how an investment in qualified consulting services can provide almost immediate financial returns. Contact Gary Grande, Senior Consultant, with any questions or ideas you may have. Mr. Grande will be pleased to discuss how we can be of assistance.

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