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Research and Pilot Brewing Services

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Siebel Institute offers research and pilot brewing services for product creation and ingredient/recipe evaluation applicable to brewing and alcoholic beverage production. Our 1 bbl (31 U.S. gallons) pilot brewery consists of the following:
  • 4-vessel brewhouse (steam jacketed mash kettle with agitator, lauter tun, boil kettle and separate whirlpool, along with hot and cold liquor tanks) with a knock-out volume of 44 gallons. System also piped for decoction or if wanting to use the mash kettle as an adjunct cooker.
  • 3x 2 bbl conical fermenters (glycol jacketed)
  • Filtration
  • 1x 2 bbl brite beer tank
  • 2 head bottle filler (12 or 16 oz formats)
  • Canner (12 oz)
  • Pasteurization
Whether you would like to test a new or changed recipe, a new ingredient, or a short run of a specific product to be kegged, canned or bottled, please contact us for further information.

What does this service include?

Our range of services can include, but not limited to:
  • Recipe development
  • Research on filtration products
  • Impact on raw ingredient variations or changes
  • Analysis of enzymes and additive effects on recipes and final product
  • Evaluation of packaging material quality
  • Analysis of processing aids throughout the entire brewing process


Siebel Institute offers research brewing services for conducting a full range of tests. Our research brewing system has been designed to emulate the physical dynamics of commercial brewing systems, enabling us to design and test new recipes, to evaluate changes in a customer’s existing recipes or ingredients, or try new ingredients in a small-scale production facility.

Along with recipe development or enhancement, we have the capabilities to conduct research on a wide variety of brewing-related products and brewery process variables, including; filtration products, the effects of raw ingredient variations or changes, enzymes and additive effects, packaging material quality and their impact on the final product, and analysis of processing aids throughout the entire brewing process.

Our research brewery is operated by senior researchers, drawing on a vast depth of experience and knowledge. Throughout each research project, meticulous records are kept of process activities and the results of frequent testing. We work with each customer to assure that from the time you forward us your requirements to the day our report is delivered, your project will be completed with the efficiency, accuracy and value that the Siebel Institute has built its reputation on for nearly 150 years.

To find out how Siebel Institute Research Brewing Services can work with your company, contact John Hannafan, vice-president of Siebel Institute, at

Additional questions about this service? Leave us a message

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