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Entry level Sensory and Beer Styles

Master of Beer Styles and Evaluation course

Learn how to formulate and perfect beer styles aimed at winning competitions, and expand your knowledge of beer styles with the Master of Beer Styles and Evaluation course.


The Master of Beer Styles and Evaluation course is designed to give professional brewers the skills they need to understand beer styles, formulate recipes, and evaluate "gold-medal" beer recipes.

While students are not required to have a brewing background to attend this course, we do ask that those attending should have a basic understanding of how beer is made in order to obtain the most from this course.

Those with either professional brewing experience or formal education in the equivalence of our WBA Concise Course in Brewing Technology will find this course highly valuable in formulating beer styles for competitions such as the World Beer Cup® and Great American Beer Festival®, as well as for expanding their knowledge of beer styles and off flavors.

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All students applying for a program, module or course must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age. For this course, prior brewing knowledge is not required.


Diego Castro

Diego Castro

Chemical Engineer, Independent Beer Consultant

"The Siebel Master of Beer Styles and Evaluation Course proved to be a precise and very useful sensory and styles training program, which helped me to go deeper into the world of beer, to learn from the experience of Randy Mosher, and to get in touch with colleagues from other parts of the world. I would certainly recommend it."

What I'll learn

  • Overview of the Brewing Process: Origins of Flavors
  • Introduction to Sensory Evaluation and the Beer Flavor Wheel
  • Malt, Hop, and Water Evaluation
  • Brewhouse, Fermentation and Maturation Associated Flavors
  • Post Fermentation and Contamination Associated Flavors
  • The purpose, origins and evolution of styles
  • Recipe formulation mechanics (grist and hop bill calculations)
  • Style-specific formulation and process planning
  • Benchmarking style parameters: gravity, color, alcohol, etc.
  • The flavor contributions of raw ingredients: malts, hops, etc.
  • Yeast: selection for style, propagation, sources, alternate fermentation organisms, handling multiple yeasts
  • Brewhouse: dealing with difficult ingredients, sour mashing, adjunct use, alternate mashing techniques
  • Fermentation: pitching rates, temperature effects, high-alcohol fermentation, multiple fermentations, etc.
  • Aging and maturation: storage on wood, etc.
  • Beer evaluation: benchmark comparisons, key attributes by style, off-flavors and aromas, competitive judging

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To reserve a seat in any course, module or program, the required non-refundable Application Processing Fee (APF) must be paid within 5 (five) days after a student is accepted.

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“Late Tuition” will apply after these dates.

Time 4 days / 28 hours

Certificate of attendance

Tuition (regular) $1,395

APF (non-refundable) $250

Total Cost $1,645

Visa Requirements
(non-U.S. citizens)
M1 Visa

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