Entry level Draught (Draft)

Draught Executive course

Learn the foundations of draught service, technology, system design, troubleshooting, cleaning and more.


Draught beer represents a high level of profit opportunity for breweries, distributors and retailers, but it requires skilled service as well as proper system design and maintenance to deliver a high standard of quality and enjoyability to customers.

With this in mind, the Draught Executive course has been created to train busy salespeople, distributors and beer servers in the bedrock principles of draught service. The educational content of this two-day course is designed to give students the maximum understanding of draught technology in the shortest time possible. Through a mix of classroom presentation and hands-on demonstration, the content will thoroughly address every critical issue in draught technology, with a topic mix that includes effective system cleaning, appropriate use of draught beer gasses, fundamental draught system design, retail troubleshooting and much, much more.

About the Course Instructor Martin Schuster

The Siebel Institute Draught Courses are presented by Martin Schuster, President of Liquid Knowledge, LLC. Since 1971, Martin has trained thousands of students from hundreds of companies worldwide. He is an industry expert in the design and operations of all major brands of equipment, the dispense characteristics and requirements of all beer styles, and draught business operations and training needs in the brewing, distribution, beverage retail and allied industry sectors. A founder of the Draught Beer Guild in 1999, Martin has acted as a consultant in draught technology for some of the world’s largest brewing companies.

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All students applying for a program, module or course must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age. For this course, prior brewing knowledge is not required.

What I'll learn

  • System cleaning
  • Appropriate use of draught beer gasses
  • Fundamental draught system design
  • Retail troubleshooting
  • And much more

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Time 2 days / 14 hours

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Tuition (late) $1,050

APF (non-refundable) $100

Total Cost $1,150

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(non-U.S. citizens)

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